– similar to a website to capture ideas succinctly with features to share, rate, discuss. There would be only two guidelines – genuine content and freedom for everyone to use, expand, implement and/or do anything that they want to with a published idea. Patents if any that would flow from any such work need not be GPL licensed but would love if it is.

Open Source Ideas

  1. Open Source
  2. Data Aware Data Management System
  3. Future Forward – How about a reality show where we bring together aspiring politicians. They showcase their daily lives as activists. The winner will be sponsored to run for elections.
  4. JVM Simulator – Similar to GnuSim for 8085 microprocessor, create a Simulator for Java Virtual Machine for its instruction set.
  5. JVM Hardware – Building a hardware – microprocessor – whose instruction set is same as JVM instruction set and thus allow JVM OS.
  6. JVM OS – OS which works with JVM Hardware
  7. Jad Line Navigation – Jad decompiled sources cannot be used to locate the exceptions reported in stack trace since the line numbers specified in stack trace are from original source files while the decompiled sources are not in sync with original sources wrt line numbers.If stack trace can find out original source’s location(line number) from class files alone then Jad should also be able to do that.??
  8. Jad Program Conversion Suite – Once compiled into classes – byte code – Jad can be used to decompile to any other JVM based language and thus convert a java program into any other JVM language.
  9. Ozone Predictor – Predict visually using statistical modelling based on number of factors as to by when the ozone’s hole can be replenished.
  10. Account App – A mobile phone app to allow access to your basic account information along with bill details. It should suggest best plans looking at usage. A platform to cross sell/upsell services.
  11. Requirements are mapped to APIs and that’s how specifications are developed
  12. VideoDiary – Daily one video at the end of the day.
  13. Hudson how tos.
  14. Maven how tos.
  15. SVN how tos


From a mail to a friend….some words are from Telugu language…

so far this year has been good…I have started travelling again…been to australia and now in newzealand…

on a personal front nothing has changed…stopped smoking(smoked for one week an year ago..but stopped again since …) stopped drinking(had to take a half-peg mexican margarita a week ago that was first in an year or more) …started cooking…started exercising a bit once a week… I joined Infosys… got opportunities to do good work….by role I am playing an architect…but not much has changed in official designation…..inka frech beard petta konni rojulu..and you may not believe it..sported a pony tail as well for sometime…trying different things that I always wanted to do…again sporting french now…and growing hair :-)….sindu join ayyaka…we formed a small group in Infosys …so it was very comfortable..samba ane oka colleague manchi friend we three used to go for lunch and tea together…so days chala fast ga move ayyayi…its already ~ 2.5 years in Infosys…and I am feeling as if its time to move on…work has been good so far…so inkokka yr max may be….no girl friends so far…okari iddaru koncham close ayyaru…but not really like girl friends…so still looking out….give my address to your relatives or friends 🙂 …remember I did ask u if you had any sisters keeping looking out for me…btw I did get my rakhi this year…I thought I would not since I was in Australia…akka badulu oka friend wife kattindhi…they are settled in australia… melbourne lo peddaga emi tiraga ledhu…skiing chesa…Mt. Buller ane place lo…it was very good experience…orkut lo oka photo petta….and here in New Zealand last weekend “Karori” ane oka sanctuary ki vella…it was almost like a forest…walked for 5.5 hrs continuously..was a wonderful experience..most really good sceness… within sanctuary there is a dam on one side there was water and on the other side there were trees and to some distance you could see two mountains ending live a “V”..dam is not in use due to earthquake concerns…and u know what there was an earthquake of ~5+ wellington…some guys felt it but I was deep in sleep :-)…..few days back oka basketball game ki vella….it was very good to see international game…NZ vz Aus…NZ sports team match ki mundhu..oka war dance chesi opp. team ni intimidate chestaru…almost anni sports ala chestaru…they call it “haka”…remember “sye” telugu movie…andulo last rugby match lo chestaru…it was very good experience…

Little town experience

From one of my mails to a friend/colleague..

Little Town is a very small place close to Keswick ( – tourism website) in Lake District…alomost to extreme North West of England. We started from Barnard Castle (in Durham County) in a car on A67 highway (or motorway as they put it!) and then moved on to A66 and reached Penrith first and then Keswick.. the drive itself was very pleasant with lots of farms…distant hills… and at times some small water lanes next to the road…coming down from the hills I guess…it took us about an hour…

Keswick had a small lake…and throughout the length of the lakes…we heard that there there are beautiful walks….infact we did walk into the lake on a wooden trail for about 20 metres…(just like its shown in movies)…lots of ducks and birds were swarming at the start of the lake and there was a theater(of Plays…Sinbad was being played when we went)…to the other side of the lake was this place called Little Town…where Miss Beatrix Potter was brought up ..there was movie on made out of here own story released this Jan 5 ( …she was a writer ..wrote children stories..(

we parked our car at a hotel called Little Town Farm ( …this was the only hotel we saw in this place…the place is pretty much like just a couple of streets surrounded by hills….but it seemed like its a popular place for people fond of mountaineering…we found several guys doing it on our trail up the hill…also I hear that you can buy mountanieering gears somewhere closeby…Keswick is much bigger place …so I expect it to definitely have these facilities…

once on top of the hill…the view was really good and very cool and windy…on one side was the lake..on the other is the little town and other hills…and the hill had couple of waterfalls too…not big…but just enough to make you feel good….and it has those small secretive kinda of crevices…caves…and one such place…we ofund that it was fenced and there was a sound of trikling water inside….its like your typical hill station …with a dash of very cool weather and a lake…
Its jsut easily the best memory I would carry from UK …

York ( was another place that I liked ..though I did not really get a chance to explore much there…we saw a cathedral(York Minister – …which was close to 1000yrs old but we could not go to this place Jorvik Viking center (…
its an archeological place..dug out some years with viking-age look and feel recreated…sound very interesting for me but we could not make it to it since it closes as early as 5 in the evening….
can buy a daypass( for all the main attractions…there was an orchestra reharsing in the cathedral for their performance that night…about 100 people …the main singer was a lady singing at the peak of her voice such that she was audible even in other corners of cathedral..the cathedral itself was built with an idea of carrying sound to the max….this reharsal was wonderful…though I did not understand everything they said…i sat there just listening to them for about an hour..we lost the time there….

Both these places are almost to the north of England…takes about 3 hrs on those fast trains…the railway station that I arrived at is Darlington…I hear that the railway museum there is very good..infact Darlington was one of the first places to have a railway station….From Darlington Barnard castle was about 40 minutes on car…Leeds..Machester and Teeside airports are also close by to this place….guess Keswick and york should definitely have a much closer airport…

Barnard Castle( itself was not a bad place at all…I saw Barnard castle, egglestone abbey and Bowes musuem( here..the swan at the bowes musuem…reminded me of the clock at Salar Jung Museum..something to lookout if you are someplace closer…but the best part was the teeside river next to barnard castle and walks along the river…they were really good…

Tomorrow its Durham county….